U.S. General Services Administration
Top Ten Easy Ways
To be paid quicker by Government Agencies.

  • 10. Clearly indicate on the invoice what is being billed
  • 9. Sign up for the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program called Vendor Express (direct deposit to your bank)
  • 8. Include ACT # reference on invoice
  • 7. Send invoice at time of shipment of goods or completion of service
  • 6. Sign up for EFT program called Vendor Express
  • 5. "Remit to" address on invoice must be same as cited on contract
  • 4. Offer cost effective discounts
  • 3. Sign up for Vendor Express
  • 2. Be sure to send invoice to billing address cited on purchase order or contract
  • 1. Sign up for Vendor Express!

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