Frequently Asked Questions about Vendor Payments

Some of the most commonly asked questions about vendor payments are answered below.

What is the basic information that I should have available to provide to the finance customer service to better assist me with my inquiry?

  • Company name, TIN, phone number, email address, PDN/PO/ACT number, invoice number and amount.

Where do I mail my invoice if I have no electronic options available?

  • All GSA contracts and purchase orders have a " mail invoice to: " address provided. If this is unclear or there are questions please contact your GSA Contracting Officer.

Where do I mail my refund to GSA?

  • Please contact our customer service staff for specific instructions.

I have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. How do I notify GSA of changes to my company's information such as the address, banking and DUNS information?

I do not have a DUNS number. How do I notify GSA of changes to my company's information such as the address and banking information?

  • Please contact your GSA Contracting Officer.

What is the website for researching my invoice payment status?

How do I obtain a password for researching my invoice payment status using the Payment Search tool?

  • Please visit https://finance.ocfo.gsa.gov/defaultexternal/defaultexternal.aspx to register for Web Vendor.  Once your registration is activated, you will be able to access the Payment Search Tool.  It will take 24 hours for the user account to be accessible.  Please contact Customer Support at fw-customersupport@gsa.gov if you have questions or need assistance.

How do I obtain access to the Payment Search tool for others in my company?

My password to use the Payment Search tool does not work, what do I need to do?

  • Please note that it takes one business day for the password to be activated. If this time limit has already passed, please contact Customer Service at fw-customersupport@gsa.gov.

How will I be notified that the GSA finance has received my invoice?

  • GSA does not send notifications indicating receipt of invoices. However, the GSA online Payment Search can be utilized to track payment status.

What happens when I accidentally submit an invoice that is incomplete or incorrect?

  • GSA will reject the invoice back to allow the vendor to correct and resubmit. Or the vendor may contact Customer Service to have the invoice rejected so it can be resubmitted.

How soon will I receive payment?

  • The Prompt Pay Act requires GSA to pay 30 days from the date the designated billing office receives a proper invoice OR 30 days from the date the goods or services were accepted, whichever is later. Please note there are other provisions to this rule which are covered at http://fms.treas.gov/prompt/regulations.html.

Can you recommend some suggestions as to how I can get paid quicker?

  • Maintain current SAM registration
  • Maintain accurate banking information in SAM
  • Ensure the business name and the remit to address on the invoice matches exactly the GSA contract/order
  • Invoice electronically
  • Adhere to the GSA contract/order terms
  • Communicate with government official receiving goods and services to assure prompt documentation of acceptance and receipt of goods or services provided

What are the commonly used acronyms used by the invoice processing operation?

  • DBO - Designated Billing Office
  • ACT - Accounting Control Transaction number
  • PDN - Pegasys Document Number
  • SAM - System for Award Management
  • DUNS - Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS number)
  • FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • TIN - Tax Payer Identification Number
  • SSN - Social Security Number
  • EIN - Employer Identification Number
  • IRN - Invoice Return Notice
  • FIOD - USDA office symbol for the Kansas City Financial Operations and Disbursement Branch
  • FSD - USDA office symbol for the Fort Worth Public Building Services Payment Branch
  • VCSS - Vendor and Customer Self Service
  • CO - Contracting Officer